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The Key Themes we will cover in the 2025 Summit are:

  • State of the Market

    The last couple of years have been very good for the sports and active nutrition categories, as products like Creatine have burst into the mass consciousness and hydration has boomed. Despite the success, there’s still a ‘Sea of Sameness’ in the space and a lot of “me-too” products. So which categories will drive sports & active nutrition in 2025, which novel ingredients are shaking up the formulations, and where are those elusive white spaces?

  • The Regulatory Landscape

    The industry seems to be leaping from one frying pan into another fire, as States follow a playbook to restrict access to sports supplements for people under 18; as Amazon clamps down on bodybuilding supplements, as novel ingredients hit regulatory brick walls, as FDA continues to push for mandatory product listings, and the never-ending flow of class actions. This session will unpack these issues and more.

  • Women’s Health

    After a block-buster session in 2024, we’re putting the spotlight back on active woman. The segment has been massively underserved and understudied for decades, but the times they are a-changing and the old “pink it and shrink it” approach is being left to the history books. Sports nutrition products are being formulated by women for women, while more research is targeting women across the age-ranges and at various levels of athletic performance. All this translates into an exciting and growing market for high quality, efficacious products for active women. This session will hear from successful brands, leading researchers, and active women themselves on what they want.

  • A.I. for Sports Nutrition

    From big data crunching to novel ingredient discovery, to opportunities in personalization, artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on all aspects of life, including health and wellness. This session will hear from the innovators and pioneers to show us where things currently stand, and where this transformative technology could take us in the near future.

  • Creatine Wars

    Creatine monohydrate has reigned supreme for decades, but newer forms are entering the market with big goals and bold claims. Where does the science stand on these new forms? Could they open up formulation opportunities in novel delivery formats, like chews, gummies and liquids? We’ll bring together experts from across the creatine world to debate and share their insights.

  • Innovative Ingredients

    Sports nutrition product formulators have a wide range of ingredients to choose from, all with their own levels of scientific substantiation, advantages and disadvantages. Disruptive tech like A.I., advances in -omics and the microbiome, and a deeper understanding of biochemistry are unlocking even more new potential ingredients. This session brings together product innovators, formulators, and market watchers to discuss the ingredients to watch in the active nutrition space.

  • Microbiome Modulation to Boost Performance and Recovery

    A category in its infancy represents a category ripe with opportunity. The microbiome is central to so much of our health and wellness so it’s no surprise that the microbiome – and ways to modulate it – is increasingly opening doors in performance nutrition.

    So, where is the commercial success to be found in this field without getting ahead of the science? How does the gut-muscle axis work? What about the gut-brain axis and its effects on sleep and inflammation, ultimately athletic performance, endurance, recovery, and muscle health? This session will consider these questions and more!

  • Nootropics and Cognitive Health

    There is an increasing appreciation of mental performance for sports performance, but it’s not just about decision making and focus during competition, but also mood and sleep. Which ingredients, formulations, and brands are driving this sector? Where is the innovation in the space? What are the most important endpoints for consumers (professional and amateur)? And how does the category navigate such vastly different sports?

  • Social Media – Building a Clear Voice Amid the Noise

    Influencer marketing is an increasingly important way to connect with both established and new consumers, and to do it successfully brands need to stay within federal guidelines and ensure their chosen influencer partners match the brand’s mission and standards. This session will explore how the influencer ecosystem evolved in the past few years, how brands can leverage influencers to reach new audiences, explore what a successful partnership looks like, and offer advice on how best to measure it all.