We are working on the program for 2024, in the meantime check out the key themes we covered in 2023.

The key themes for the Sports & Active Nutrition Summit USA 2023 were:

  • The modern sports nutrition consumer

    The market is changing, and mainstream consumers are seeking more accessible products, with softer branding, to integrate into their active lifestyle. They are also seeking brands with core values that go beyond just performance and recovery. This session will hear from brands, retailers, and CPG experts on how to win in an evolving marketplace.

  • The esports opportunity

    Esports is growing rapidly, creating opportunity of all kinds. New products and ingredients are coming to market, and there are more and more influencers helping to grow the category. There are even academic programs aimed at turning out trained esports entrepreneurs. This session will explore how best to engage with this community, what products resonate, and why authenticity is key.

  • Personalization – from active consumer to elite athlete

    New developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the delivery of personalized nutrition solutions, which are becoming an ever-bigger part of the sports & active nutrition scene. In this session you'll find out how this is changing the market as well as get insights into how other companies are finding their niche.

  • Protein

    Whey has reigned supreme in the sports nutrition category for decades, but consumers also have an increasing array of plant-based options to choose from, from pea to pulses or even algae protein. But where is the innovation in the protein space? How are players like Perfect Day shaking up the category? And what’s going on from a regulatory and legal perspective?

  • CBD/Hemp for sports nutrition

    With the NFL awarding $1 million in research funding on cannabinoids for pain management and in neuroprotection and famous athletes like Alex Morgan investing in CBD brands, we could just be on the cusp of something big for hemp-derived CBD in the sports nutrition space. But problems abound, from regulatory uncertainty to oversupply of raw material and overcapacity in extraction capabilities. This panel will bring together brands, scientists, and category experts to explore what comes next for CBD and how to avoid any potential legal woes.

  • Quality and certification

    Any competitive athlete needs to have confidence that what is listed on the label is actually in the bottle – no more, no less. This has led to certification bodies offering seals to support the quality of products on store shelves. This session will explore the resources available for brands to communicate quality and product integrity to their consumers, what they need to know and understand, and understand where mistakes can still happen.

  • Sports nutrition products and the US military

    Military personnel are active users of dietary supplement products, with multiple surveys showing consistently high levels of supplementation across branches and genders. But which supplements are most in demand, and what R&D is the Military itself doing to provide its war fighters with the nutritional armor to succeed?

  • Sports nutrition for mood and mental health

    All athletes – regardless of their level – are human, with the psychological demands often seen as a lesser concern than the physical demands. But that is now changing, and there exists the opportunity for sports nutrition brands to support the mental health of active people. Dietary supplement brands are also exploring how to help offer protection for participants of contact sports where head trauma can occur. This session will explore the science behind this increasingly important subject.

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