This leading industry event has a packed agenda and will be covering opportunities in esports, hemp and CBD products in sports nutrition, perspectives in personalized nutrition, and a focus on innovation with a look at the latest protein news and case studies in ingredient development.

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  • The growing opportunity of Esports

    Esports is growing rapidly, creating opportunity of all kinds. New products and ingredients are coming to market, and there are more and more influencers helping to grow the category. There is even a new academic program aimed at turning out trained esports entrepreneurs. Find out the latest developments to arm your brand for competing in this thriving field.

  • CBD - The Hottest ticket in the sports nutrition industry

    Despite its regulatory issues, CBD is showing up in a wide variety of products and a wide range of formats. A number of national brands are lining up product launches, just waiting for the legal dust to clear. And more national sports bodies as well individual athlete/entrepreneurs are taking a second look at CBD/hemp extract products. Find out what you need to know on the science and product development and supply chain fronts.

  • Innovations in Proteins & Other Ingredients

    Sessions will delve into the latest innovations in protein as well as new approaches to diet recommendations, nutrient delivery and more. Presentations will take attendees through detailed case studies of the development of new to market ingredients.

  • Personalized Nutrition

    New developments in artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the delivery of personalized nutrition solutions, which are becoming an ever bigger part of the sports & active nutrition scene. In this session you’ll find out how this is changing the market as well as get insights into how other companies are finding their niche.

  • Serving the Female Athlete & Consumer

    Sports brands have long mulled over effective ways to reach the female athlete and female active nutrition consumers. Susan Kleiner, PhD, and other panelists will dissect the specific needs of the female athlete and also what assumptions marketers have been making about those needs that have held back market growth and product development.

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