This leading industry event has a packed agenda and will be covering opportunities in esports, hemp and CBD products in sports nutrition, perspectives in personalized nutrition, and a focus on innovation with a look at the latest protein news and case studies in ingredient development.

  • Esports

    With popularity growing at an exponential rate, esports is no longer a niche category. The door for opportunity is wide open and this session will explore those opportunities by delving into the state of the market, including what benefits gamers are seeking, what the science says and how to translate that science into efficacious products.

  • Hemp/CBD Ingredients in Sports Nutrition

    Interest in the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD and full spectrum hemp extracts continues to be of interest to athletes. And with the high profile admissions by star athletes like Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles that they struggle with mental health issues such as stress and anxiety to the point that they can't compete means athletes, coaches and trainers will be interested in the ingredients' anxiolytic effects as well. In this session, leading experts will delve into the regulatory, efficacy and quality hurdles surrounding these popular ingredients.

  • Innovations in Protein

    Whey protein has been the undisputed king of the protein hill in sports nutrition for more than two decades now. But more and more ingredients, especially coming out of the plant-based realm, claim to be as good or better than this venerable ingredient. Is whey about to be knocked from its perch? Experts will delve into the latest innovations shaking up this mainstay category.

  • Personalized Nutrition

    Advances in technology are allowing us to personalize our health more than ever before. Whether it be biological investigation using genomics, wearables to track glucose levels or measuring health down to the molecular level via microbiome testing, this session will look at how consumers personalize their health, what's driving the sector and how to be at the forefront of this exciting category.

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